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Rules for submission of articles and reviews for publication


  1. To be considered for publishing, the articles and/or reviews must be unpublished and should address topics related to the trumpet. The texts can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish and must be submitted as a digital file in the following formats:.DOC .DOCX or .RTF.
  2. In order to have the reviewers evaluate the work without any bias, the document submitted
    should be omitted of any references to authorship, either in the author space, or in the citations in the body of the text or in the bibliographical references. The document will be
    assigned a personal identification number, and it will be revealed only after the committee
    has made a final decision.
  3. The document should have between 7 and 20 pages (including abstract, abstract, examples, notes and bibliographical references), and should be written in Times New Roman font size 12 and 1.5 space; the Editorial Board will evaluate exceptions.
  4. For the ARTICLES SECTION, a summary of about 100 words (size 10, single space), and keywords (three to six) will be required, which should be presented at the beginning of the text in the language used in the article, followed by the title.
  5. Musical examples (Ex.), Figures (Fig.), Tables (Tab.) Etc. (.tiff or .jpg), numbered and accompanied by a clear and objective explanatory caption of no more than 3 lines in Times
    New Roman font size 10, single spacing, and should also be inserted in the text as a figure with low internet resolution (.tiff or .jpg 300 dpi) sent in separate image files (.tiff or .jpeg) with 300 dpi resolution.
  6. The Author agrees to allow the Editorial Board to format the materials according to the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).
  7. For REVIEWS the text should be presented within 800 to 1200 words, accompanied by a jpg (300 dpi) image of the item reviewed (Score, CD, DVD, Book, etc.), item datasheet (author, interpreter, publisher, recorder, year, duration, number of pages, price, website, etc.). The author must also include a bio around 150 words. The Review section is optional in each issue and evaluated by the editor, after consultations with members of the Advisory Board whenever necessary.
  8. For INTERVIEWS texts should be within 800 to 2000 words, including a brief biography of the interviewee (max 150 words). The Interviews section is optional in each issue and evaluated by the publisher, after consultation with members of the Advisory Board whenever necessary.
  9. Proposals must be sent by e-mail to: revistatrombeta@abt.art.br
  10. The contents of the published texts, as well as the veracity of the information provided, are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not express the opinion of the editors or the
    editorial team of Trombeta Magazine. Approval of the article or review is the responsibility of the Editorial Board, after consultations with the Advisory Board and consultants.
  11. The Author is the original copyright owner of the materials or has provided written documentation of current copyright ownership. If the Author’s material incorporates text/musical/graphic/photographic/ sound works or excerpts of other copyright owners, the Author agrees to provide to ABT written permission from each copyright owner prior to publication by ABT. The Author agrees to reimburse ABT, for any expenses or losses due to copyright infringement.
  12. The Author agrees to allow ABT full use of the submitted materials without monetary compensation.
  13. If the submitted materials include interviews, the Author agrees to provide a written release (this same form) from each person interviewed.

Steps in the evaluation of texts submitted to the Revista Trombeta


  1. Screening by the editor that will verify the relevance of the content and the adequacy of the text to the editorial standards of Revista Trombeta;
  2. Sending the written materials approved in the screening to two adjudicators;
  3. Sending the text to a third reviewer, if there is a tie in the decisions of the first consulted;
  4. Notifying the author of the results of the evaluations;
  5. Return of the text approved for the author for review and possible modifications suggested by the reviewers and the editor;
  6. Final approval of the materials by the publisher who informs the author of the forecast of publication availability;
  7. Estimated time from receipt of text to final approval: 90 days. Important: the date of receipt will be the date on which the author delivers the complete text; the date of approval shall be the date on which the author returns the revised text in accordance with the guidelines of the reviewers and editors.

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